Extreme Nazarene Missions Overview

The World Through Extreme Eyes

We were all born into a broken world. Witchcraft and paganism rule in many rural parts of the world while Earth’s mega-cities are sinking into a new age so separated from God that it is being dubbed the Post-Christianity era. A flood of contrasting world events cause us to wonder if the world isn’t breaking apart further.

Through our Extreme eyes, however, we see hope. We see hope in Christ. The hope we see is in the very Body of Christ. God has raised up Extreme to share the simple message that the solution to the broken world is already within us. Those of us who call Christ Savior, hold the keys to unlocking God’s power, grace and love. We, the body of Christ, are God’s solution to heal this broken world.

Through Extreme eyes, we don’t see the solution to a broken world as being churches filled with people. Rather, we see a world being healed once believers spill out of the churches and into urban streets, remote jungles and rural mountain towns. We see hope in a healed world through the combined power and resources of the entire Body of Christ.

Through our Extreme eyes, we see millions of people, who call themselves disciples of Christ, giving everything to “…go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Mat 28:19 NIV)

An Extreme Vision for the Future

Extreme is embarking on a new mission called, “Extreme South America”. The mantra of all who serve in Extreme South America is, “I am a Disciple”. The mission of Extreme South America is to mobilize 80 pairs of 40/40™ Church Planters and hundreds of workers supporting 40/40™ to plant vibrant churches that make 100’s of disciples in 16 major metropolitan cities of South America.
“40/40 is a part of God’s plan to evangelize the entire world”
– Dr. Christian Sarmiento

40/40™ is a church planting strategy (based on Luke 10:1-2 NIV) where Christ, “…sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

A Cluster of five pairs of 40/40™ Church Planters, led by a national pastor and Cluster Coordinator couple, work for two years to plant one single church based on dozens of cell groups through the city.

Extreme South America will deploy over 250 full time workers and over a thousand short term workers into His “harvest field” over the course of five years to plant these churches or support the effort to do so.

At the conclusion of five years of church planting, Extreme will have an army of trained and tested church planter missionaries to “…send to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8 NIV) to repeat the disciple making process on a global scale.

The Extreme Story

The Inception

Extreme started in 2005 in the Eastern Bloc country of Ukraine. However, in 2005, Extreme wasn’t called Extreme. It was called, “Operation Combine”. Operation Combine was a joint effort between business man Doug Tibbs and missionary Bob Skinner to create a micro-enterprise to 1) provide jobs and work skills for men completing drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and 2) generate funds to build churches in Ukraine. Operation Combine was special because it sought out people with specific gifts and experiences to accomplish a kingdom expansion goal. The people invited to participate were people typically not invited or interested in traditional missionary work. These people were businessmen, mechanics and farmers. After successfully starting a harvesting business and installing three combines using just 35 volunteers from the United States, the vision of what was to become Extreme began to develop.

‘Extreme’ Makeover

A few months later, Doug and Bob expanded the harvesting business to include a dry kiln and pallet manufacturing business. To get those businesses going, they invited 113 people from nine different countries to come to Ukraine for two weeks to help build or remodel seven buildings needed for the businesses and to aid in the effort to start a new Nazarene church. This project, called “Extreme Makeover; Ukraine Edition” concluded in June 2006. This was the first time the name ‘Extreme’ was used.

Later in 2006, Doug’s son Brian Tibbs, who was serving with his family as a missionary in Argentina, asked if an ‘Extreme’ project could be done in Argentina. The answer was yes, but only if leadership in Argentina could take over the entire operation. So after prayerfully considering the possibilities, Brian and his family decided to create not just an Extreme project for Argentina, but to an ongoing ministry that,

“ The purpose of Extreme is to seek and deploy people into an extreme global expansion of God’s Kingdom by prayerfully and thoughtfully engaging the specific talents, skills, experience and resources God gave them and to further develop them into permanent full-time constructors of the Kingdom.” - Extreme Purpose Statement

Set for the Long Haul

So on October 10, 2006, Brian Tibbs registered Extreme Nazarene Corp. (DBA Extreme Nazarene Missions) as a non-profit corporation, created a board of directors and assumed the official role of Extreme Global Director. Extreme started operations with just two full time employees. Brian managed the ministry from Argentina and his trusted friend, Brent Deakins, managing the recruiting effort in the United States.

Bruno Radi Convention Center

From October 2006 to January 2008, Extreme worked in a partnership with the South America Regional Office of the Church of the Nazarene to finish the construction of the Bruno Radi Convention Center in Pilar, Argentina. The project in Argentina deployed 201 two-week volunteers to a project called Kidzone 07 and 446 more volunteers to Extreme 08. The volunteers workers on these two projects finished the convention center and assisted in the planting of 10 churches in Buenos Aires. In 2008, Extreme’s team members grew to 13 full time missionaries.

Extreme Peru

In 2009, Extreme moved its operations to Arequipa, a town in South Peru. Extreme Peru ushered in the debut of 40/40™. The first 40 N. Americans and 40 Peruvians paired up to plant churches throughout the jungles and southern mountain towns of Peru. At the conclusion of Extreme Peru in July 2012, a total of 66 churches were planted in six cities and 27 church buildings were built. In total 619 two week volunteers came to Peru to participate in church planting, church building and humanitarian relief work. In July 2012, Extreme’s team members had grown to 88 full time missionaries.

Going International


In 2011, Extreme launched Extreme Colombia, and in 2012, Extreme Paraguay. Extreme Colombia is commissioned with assisting the largest Church of the Nazarene in the world to build a 7,000 seat coliseum. Extreme Paraguay is partnering with Felix Vargas to deploy Extreme’s first urban church planting team of 40/40™ Church Planters to plant a single vibrant church in Asuncion.

The Extreme Way

Since its informal inception, Extreme has relied on team members that raises its own support to serve. This self-supported team has been a key to Extreme’s growth and success for several reasons. One benefit to not having to pay salaries, Extreme is able to keep administrative spending at or below 9% of gross revenues since 2006. Donors know that at least 91% of their funds go toward mission expenses in the field. Another benefit to the self-supported model is that it can flourish in good or bad economic times. As the world descended into a financial collapse in 2008, many non-profits struggled or stopped operations completely. However, Extreme grew by double or triple digits both revenues and team members during the worst part of the crisis. Extreme's donors found great value in the work they were directly supporting through the team and were faithful to keep giving in the midst of great economic turmoil.

3 Millions Vision

Our goal is to have 1 million hours worked, 1 million days of service, and 1 million volunteers through 40/40, Supported Team Members, Short Term Volunteers, and Prayer Support.

Join us and watch us grow!
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