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We are an organization that lives in a discipleship culture. Our current projects are church plants throughout South America, so naturally a large part of what we do is spiritual development; i.e., evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, etc. That all sounds rather predictable, but our passion is a lot more inspiring than following a playbook. This focus to plant churches comes from our passion to bring people the hope of Christ.

Our passion came about a few years into our existence when we started asking the question, “why are we doing this?” What’s the central reason why we exist? What we found made us feel small. The reason we’re here is so much bigger than what we could ever become.

We started to look at the world around us, and we saw so much pain, suffering, and evil. Of course, you say, a mission organization would say that what the world really needs is Jesus. Typical Sunday School answer that may be, but it’s 100% true. What we see in the world is that a large portion of the issues therein are heart issues. And who is the only One capable of changing a man’s heart? Jesus. This is how we arrived at our conclusion, and our passion, that we can change the world by focusing on changing hearts.

One of our great values in Extreme is the Body of Christ. Part of our vision is to utilize people on the field according to their strengths, experiences and resources; meaning, you don’t have to be a “missionary” to do mission work. People serve with more passion when they are doing what they do best, and that’s exactly how we like it.

It’s absolutely exhilarating to be a part of God’s plan bring restoration back to His creation. Our story does not lack struggles, but we’ve learned from our past experiences and continue to learn from what the mission field shows us.

We currently plant churches in South America using the 40/40 Method. This is a church planting strategy that utilizes a team of 10 North and South American young adults (40/40s), a North American married couple (Cluster Coordinators) and a national Pastoral couple. The team is sent to a city that is predetermined by the leadership of the Nazarene church in that country. The goal is that by the end of two years the missionaries with Extreme will have duplicated themselves in the people of the plant and can step back confident that the church will continue to grow on it’s own. It’s a beautiful way of seeing the church mature.

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