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Year(s) : 2012 - Present

5 Second Summary

Extreme South America is mobilizing 80 pairs of 40/40™ Church Planters and hundreds of workers supporting 40/40™ to plant 16 vibrant churches of 100s of people in 16 major metropolitan cities of South America.

Project Goal #1: Planting self-funded, self-replicating and self-governing churches

40/40™ originated in Peru in 2009 and was designed for the small rural mountain towns and jungle villages.  In Peru, each 40/40™ pair planted three free-standing churches in separate towns over the course of 18 months.  The urban church planting strategy developed for Extreme South America has been extended to two years and targets one large city with a team of five 40/40™ pairs. All five pairs share the goal of starting approximately 80 home-based cell groups (with target membership of 5-15 each) all throughout the city.  All cell groups will feed into one central vibrant church for Sunday worship and other corporate functions.  During the week, the 40/40™ Church Planters will reach out to the community to start and grow their cell groups and develop leaders to do the same.  The 40/40™ Church Planters will also serve in critical roles in the central mother church.  The combination of personalized discipleship in the cell groups and the excitement and momentum generated in large corporate worship will foster a dynamic church with incredible growth potential.  The cities for the first two years of the project include Asuncion, Paraguay (pop 2.3 million), Arequipa, Peru (1.2 million), Ambato, Ecuador (0.4 million), Ibarra, Ecuador (0.2 million), and Cordoba, Argentina. Additional cities are still to be selected for the second two year rotation of church planting. (Luke 10:1-3)

Project Goal #2: Develop 40/40™ Church Planters for Judea, Samaria and the ends of the Earth

In order to plant vibrant growing churches, the church planters must be first called by God, then identified, then prepared for the field, then deployed/educated/trained.  Extreme has a team of over a dozen mobilizers in the United States and three mobilizers in South America charged with the task to seek and deploy 40/40™ Church Planters and their supporting team members.  The ultimate goal of Extreme South America is to deploy a total of 160 missionaries between the years 2012 to 2017.  Of those 160 missionaries, the goal is to end the project with a force of the 40 most highly trained and skilled missionaries ready to venture outside of South America, fulfilling Christ’s call to take the gospel to the “Ends of the Earth” to make disciples “of all nations.”  After receiving God’s call, the missionaries will pass through six phases of development:

Pre-deployment Phases

Phase I: Mobilizing – The Mobilization team finds and prepares candidates for the selection process. (Mat 4:19)

28 Month 1st Contract Deployment Phases

Phase II: “40 Days Experience™” Assessment – Candidates submit to 40 days of testing in S. America. (Mat 4:1-2).
Phase III: Language School (for non-Spanish speakers) – up to four months of immersion Spanish training. (I Cor 9:19-23)
Phase IV: Planting First Church + ½ of Intercultural Studies Degree + ½ of Ordination Requirements – In the mornings, the missionaries will study one online course at a time through a joint initiative of the South American Seminary System and several Nazarene Universities in the USA.  At the conclusion of the first Deployment Contract, each missionary will have completed ½ of the major requirements for a bachelor’s degree and ½ of Ordination Requirements. (Mat 28:19)

24 Month 2nd Contract Deployment Phases

Phase V: Selected Candidates from the first two years that accept a second Deployment Contract will plant a second church in another city and may earn the second half of their Intercultural Studies degree Ordination requirements. (Mat 28:19)

To the Ends of the Earth

Phase VI: The 40 most qualified 40/40™ Church Planters will be sent outside of South American to “the ends of the earth” to plant churches and raise up missionaries outside of South America. (Acts 1:8)


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