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40/40 Momentum (College Students Only)

Field Dates: 05/16/13 - 05/28/13 (Allow 1 day before & after for travel to/from the field)

Primary Location: Arequipa (Cercado), Peru

40/40 is the backbone of Extreme’s strategy to plant churches in communities where the gospel is either absent or underserved. However, 40/40s alone cannot accomplish the mission. Teams of people who come to serve the mission and purpose of 40/40 are absolutely essential to the success of planting churches. Therefore, momentum teams provide crucial supplies, energy and labor within the 40/40 efforts. A Momentum Team will start with the planning of and execution of a community event in an area where one or more churches are being planted. The following week will include several different strategies and ways to connect with people who were transformed by God through the opening event. Compassionate outreach and aggressive discipleship will be achieved through daily activities planned to meet the needs of each individual and each community.

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