The first 40 Days Experience in Quito (the pilot 40 Days Experience took place in Arequipa, Peru) finished up this month. This program is designed to take participates though an intensive time of Spiritual reflection, growth and action. During this time many gain a greater clarity concerning their call to ministry and missions in particular.
Here are a couple of reflections and pictures from this last 40 Days Experience.
God has truly stretched me in ways that would not have been done if I was in my comfort zone back in the states. The 40 day experience not only changes your outlook on ministry as whole but what it really and truly takes to be an effective minister of the gospel. I have been overjoyed at what the 40 days have taught me personally and spiritually. My outlook and lifestyle have been transformed during this time as well and I am very thankful for the people that help make that happen. – Corbin Wyatt
Coming to Ecuador I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t know who was going to be on my team, I didn’t know what part of Quito the event would be in, there was a lot that I didn’t know. But God gave me such a peace and has provided all that I’ve needed. God has taught me so much during this experience: a better understanding of spiritual disciplines and spiritual leadership, more insight into who I am and who God wants me to be, I have been challenged to grow closer to God by the great guys on my team and the 40/40s. This trip has really changed my life. I have been stretched and challenged to be more active in my relationship with God. It had helped me grow inwardly and outwardly in being a disciple of Christ. – Rebecca Fahrni

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