This is a radical generation that is going to change a lot of the ways we do things in the church, but before we can do that, we have to have a solid foundation to stand on. The 40 Days Experience is a great option to help fortify that foundation.

This is a discipleship training program that is designed for young adults who know that they want to step deeper into communion with God and leave behind “soft” Christianity. As expected, from it’s name, it’s a 40 day long experience that takes place on the mission field in a city where Extreme currently has a church plant project functioning. Through the course of the program the students explore spiritual disciplines and put them into daily practice. Discipleship is also emphasised and perpetuated as the students have a chance to intern under the local 40/40 Church Planters, who show them what their work is like planting a church as young adults.

If you are looking for an opportunity where you can completely unplug from the world and focus 100% on seeking God, the 40 Days Experience is definitely right for you.



I didn’t know what to expect during this 40 days and honestly didn’t know how it would go overall, but here in Ecuador, Jesus met me. He met me in the classes, books, disciplines, church, people and experiences. Showing me that the Gospel life is possible and God wants that for all of us even in the 21st century. I will never be the same because the fire came on me here.


I came into these 40 days knowing what it means to love God. And I walked away falling head over heals in love with God. I’ve learned that we can have the cake here; heaven is the dessert. I’m going home with a vision, a passion, and God walking beside me to show others what it means to be in love with Christ and to not be stuck in complacency or normalcy.
I had been craving a chance to be discipled and go on a whole new level of spiritual healthy. God not only brought me there, but has now equipped me with ways to be that for other people.


My heart had been longing for adventure and something new. My life is crazy busy and I always feel like I’m going and going and coming here that all changed. I experienced more alone time and quiet time than I have ever before in my life. I experienced and heard from God in a whole new way and learned the importance of setting aside quiet time with the Lord. I was very nervous about my future having just graduated high school and God really revealed to me that as I am walking with him and pursuing him He will take me down the right path. My heart had been very broken because of many unfortunate circumstances that had happened in life and after coming here I found that my heart was filled with joy. It’s a joy that comes from the Lord and being in love and in pursuit of him. I will not be going home the same!

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Talk to A Mobilizer

One of our mobilizers would be more than happy to talk with you about 40 Days. They can help you in your decision-making journey and answer any questions you might have. Let our team know you’d like to talk.


This is a big decision, and we don’t want anyone to make it rashly. If you’re still unsure, why not sign up for this 5 week guided devotional to see if working on the mission field is where God is leading you?

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