In order to help each of Extreme’s church plants be as independent as possible after the missionary team leaves, it’s the team’s goal to move the church out of renting a space and into it’s own. The Cordoba church plant has been scouring the city, looking for a building that can operate as a church space.

The process wasn’t as simple as finding a space with an adequate amount of square footage. Transportation in Cordoba was a major influencer as to where they should look for a building. The city’s transportation system looks like a wheel and spokes with downtown Cordoba being in the center. All of the bus lines run from the outside of the city into the center. So, there are districts of the city, while being relatively close together, can take much longer to get to because of this system. The team decided to look for a building near where they are currently renting to maintain the relationships they have already created. Their goal was to find something close to bus routes so the congregation can easily get to church.

Argentina is known for having an unstable currency. This is part of the reason why the Cordoba team decided to aggressively begin searching for a building to own. Because of the instability of the currency, there are laws in place that allow landlords to constantly change the price of rent. From one month to the next, rent could go up 30-40%. “As soon as we got here we knew it was a big priority to get out of paying rent as soon as possible.” says Brooke Thomas, 40/40 Church Planter on the Cordoba Team.

The whole team joined in the effort to find the perfect building. Brooke Thomas shares, “We spent days looking and we would split up into teams and go look for ‘for sale’ signs. And whenever we found something we liked we had to have the District Superintendent and/or someone from Extreme to come and look at it.”

After a lot of searching, Pastor Junior and his wife, Jaci, found a building that had a lot of potential. It is actually a house! Brooke explained it’s a great fit for their needs, “It is three blocks away from our current building and it’s on a bus route. It’s a home so it’s a little odd, but it’s two stories and it was the family home. The parents died and the children wanted to sell it as fast as possible and that’s why it was cheaper than some of the things we’ve been looking at.” The price is even a huge blessing because the missionaries currently live and work in a wealthier area. Part of the challenge has been finding something within their price range.

“[Pastors Junior and Jaci] were really excited when they found [the house], but they were also juggling different options at the time. They liked that it looks nice from the outside. They liked that it’s close to where we are now, and another positive thing about it is that it’s at this intersection of these different neighborhoods. It’s not on a main street or at a busy intersection, but it’s surrounded by residential areas.

“So, right now, once we actually get all the paperwork finished, there are some walls that we will need to knock down so we can make the space [for the sanctuary] and then can grow into the garage. There is a nice patio space that we are excited about where we can have children’s stuff and cook-outs. And then there is an upstairs space where the pastor and his wife can live. And that’s nice for them to not have to pay rent anymore.

“Being in charge of discipleship we all work with the leaders and teach the class. Our leadership has been thinking about moving in and dreaming about how we are going to paint it. It is still outside of our budget so we’re thinking of ways to raise support. And the leaders are saying things like ‘Oh, we’ll sell food in the park,’ and do all this different stuff. They have so much commitment to the church to see it grow.” – Brooke Thomas

As of this past month, the team is moving forward with this deal and are purchasing this building. We are thanking the Lord for his provision of such an amazing space for the church in Cordoba. If you would like to see the building, you can watch a video tour here! Pastor Junior will give you a walk around the building and explain where things will go!


Say hello to the Córdoba Team! This is the group of young people that are working diligently to see the very face of Córdoba changed by the love and hope of Christ.

Come alongside this movement in Córdoba and become a part of their support team today! Give to Córdoba’s Mission Fund!

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