New life chapters are always full of excitement. It’s the opportunity to slough off the old and monotonous and pass through the door to new experiences. A fresh challenge is awakened, and eyes are fresh with perspective to solve problems. Unfamiliar people come into focus, new friends are made. The foreboding nature of change urges us to keep new chapters at arms length, but we prefer to bring them close. We bear hug change.

We are excited for a new chapter in Extreme. Today, we are launching the Cordoba, Argentina church plant. The actual plant doesn’t start today, but the team is beginning to take form in Quito. The first several months in our church plants the missionaries go through language and ministry training, and also familiarize themselves with each of the 40/40 church plant team members. It’s an exciting time of preparation that bodes change in a large city, with the ultimate goal to change the world.

We ask that you would pray for this team as they start to form their relationships with each other. “I am excited about getting to know my team,’ says Rachel Gilmore, one of the Cordoba team members, ‘ It’s great to work side by side with people who have the same passion for missions and helping people as well as sharing Christ with them. This will be challenging and difficult at times, but very rewarding.” She’s so right about the challenge of working with other people. Pray over this team that God will show them how to work with each other for the greater purpose, changing people’s hearts.

Through this team we are expectant of the change God will pour out onto the city of Cordoba. We are hopeful for the miracles He will bestow on the people these missionaries come in contact with. We believe that Cordoba is a community that God desires deeply to have long after Him, and our 40/40s are excited to open their mouths and hearts to this people and tell them about the Heavenly Father who loves them. This team is itching to get started, with reason, they’ve been waiting and fund-raising for months to start on this mission to which God has called them. Dani, an alum of Trevecca Nazarene says, “[We have an urgency] to reach people for Christ and my hope is that the people of Cordoba receive that same passion, even after the team leaves. I hope that passion extends way beyond spiritual salvation and the people of the church in Cordoba will have the desire for restoration and holistic healing in their city and community.”

Keep watching for more news about this team. We don’t have a picture of them together yet, but we’ll get one posted when they all arrive in Quito, Ecuador.

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