We want to change the world. We see the hopelessness and fear written on the faces of those around us, and we want to tell them, “There is hope!” Jesus is that hope. There are many wanting to make a difference, make a change, and better this world. We believe God’s grace makes an eternal difference on people’s lives.

A Complete Missionary Experience

The 40/40 Church Planting model is designed to aggressively plant churches that are self-sustaining, self-governing and self-replicating in only two years time. 40/40 Church Planters are the central piece of what makes the church plant function. They are single, young adults who work in multicultural teams building relationships and fostering community on the mission field.
40/40 Church Planters work intimately with those in need of Jesus Christ. Through these missionaries, unreached people are met, new trusts and relationships are built, and ultimately Jesus is shared. This is more than just a mission trip. This is a mission life.


  • walk closely with God through prayer and spiritual disciplines
  • work within a multi-cultural team, learning the local language
  • evangelize through relationship-building, preaching and special events
  • disciple new believers and leaders in small group Bible studies and one-on-one

Count the cost, ask for wise counsel, and pray that God would lead you in His will.






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PAST 40/40s

Garren Moore

Puno, Peru

Being a 40/40 meant devotion, supernaturally, to many entities. At first thought, there was a devotion to those far away who would become my neighbors. But it went beyond just those people to whom I was intentionally witnessing. There was also devotion to myself that I would mature in discipline and whole self. There was the overwhelming duty to Christ in fulfilling his call on my life, reciprocated by an even-more-so overwhelming grace regardless of whether or not I measured up. And there even was the devotion to those back home who entrusted me and looked up to me. 40/40 is about being called to unfailing devotion.

Kristen Espino

Puno, Peru

At first, I struggled a lot with the word, “missionary.” But, I have come to learn and understand we are all missionaries in different ways. I give thanks to God for meeting me where I was, for growing me and stretching me into a title and a “job” that was way bigger than me and my abilities. Being a missionary is being willing and being determined. The rest, God gives up.

40-40 Job Description


Do you feel like you need to know more details. Read through the 4040 Job Description to get a better grasp of what 40/40s do.


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