40/40 Church Planter

The 40/40 Church Planter position is the core of the ministry within Extreme Nazarene. The 40/40 will work in partnership with a national counterpart 40/40 to create relationships in the community that lead toward discipleship. Under the leadership of a local pastoral couple and the Cluster coordinators, the 40/40s work as a team to plant a church using the Master’s Plan. The 40/40 must have a solid relationship with Christ, based in spiritual disciplines, good relational skills in order to initiate contact with new acquaintances, and strong leadership skills to fulfill their goals in discipleship and leadership training.


This position is reserved for young adults between the ages of 18-29, who have made a profession of faith in Christ and have a call to missions. Other requirements include a high school diploma or GED. No prior ministerial experience is required.

General Responsibilities of a 40/40

  • walk closely with God through prayer and spiritual disciplines
    • cultivate spiritual disciplines
    • read and study the Word daily
    • pray and be in tune with the direction of the Holy Spirit
    • care for your body through daily exercise


  • work within a multi-cultural team, learning the local language
    • work in partnership with a counterpart native to service region
    • learn the language of the service region
    • submit to Pastoral and team leadership
    • lead a ministry within the church


  • evangelize through relationship-building, preaching and special events
    • build relationships with the intention of sharing Christ
    • plan and participate in evangelism events
    • prepare and deliver sermons
    • counsel contacts through questions and life circumstances


  • disciple new believers and leaders in small group Bible studies and one-on-one
    • grow community in small group Bible studies
    • facilitate small group discussions
    • walk new Christians through discipleship material
    • guide new leaders through leadership studies

Requirements for Application

  • 18-29 years old
  • a call to missions
  • leadership skills
  • teamwork abilities
  • ability to submit to leadership
  • high school diploma or GED
  • courage to take risks
  • 28 month commitment to training and church planting

Phases of 40/40 Work

Language Training

The required training in Quito, Ecuador lasts 3.5 months, centering on language learning, personal spiritual formation, and team building.

Church Planting Training

The second phase of training is held in Cali, Colombia and lasts 1 month. The entire church planting team trains in Cali, Colombia at the Casa de Oracion (House of Prayer), the largest Nazarene church in the world.  In Cali, the team is introduced to the Master’s Plan and, in both classroom and hands-on settings, are trained how to use the strategy in their service city.

2 Years on the Field

The 40/40 is then deployed with the team to the chosen service city. The team then works together to work toward the goal of planting a self-governing church, built upon the foundation of discipleship.

Positions Available: 10
Need by: Immediately
Contract Term: 27 months