The Ibarra Church Plant is in it’s younger phase, but they have seen incredible amounts of growth. The missionaries on the field are working with those they are discipling to teach them the importance of bringing others up with them to know their Creator. Here are some stories from early October:

Abigail and Michaela

Wednesday, in the house of prayer in San Anotonio we did a special dinner and a new person came. She gave her testimony of how her husband wants to attend a church and a house of prayer.  At first, he wanted nothing to do with God but, now after a lot of prayer he wants to learn more. Our house of prayer is growing and it’s so exciting to see!

David and Chase

This month we have been able to experience the mercy of God in our lives and now we can share with conviction that God forgives and restores any situation. This week we’ve been telling our house of prayer hosts to invite people they know to come to our meetings. We really want to challenge them to see more people come to Christ and to start new houses of prayer where there are none. We are praying with anticipation that God will use some of those who are coming to this next spiritual retreat to take on some of these challenges.

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