Prayer Request

Renee Morales

personal request

Antofagasta, Chile Church-plant Team:

Please keep us in prayer as we have our first "Encounter" on Feb. 20-21st and "Efrajon" which is a youth activity in our district that we are hosting this year.  It will be held here in Antofagasta from Feb. 25-28th.  This will also be a great opportunity to encourage other youth to be involved with "Extreme".

We, as a team, were concerned about our "visas" and God did some amazing acts.  We did NOT have to spend money on extensions, the Brazilians have a "special" contract with Chile and our minors in our family and pastors didn't have to pay IF we did need extensions.  They are in the mail.  God has shown us that He is in control.  Pray for quick responses and God's timing.

Continue to pray for God's timing in the building of the congregation of our church.  It hasn't been easy, but we are finally starting to see more results and if God so wills it we hope to have our first "House of Prayers" starting in March.

We would also like to ask for prayers for the destruction and construction on our "Church plant site".  We need God's timing in the sale of another piece of property etc...

In March, my family and other 40/40's begin to start traveling home for vacations.  It isn't always the easiest when some have left for vacation and then returned.  We pray for rejuvenation, God's fire and renewal in our callings.