Prayer Request

Alyson Cork

personal request

We will be moving to Antofagasta, Chile on April 26th. We previously were planning on moving to Quito, Ecuador where I had done a lot of research for the education of our 2 boys. We were asked to go to Chile to fill an urgent need. With the urgency of this move, I have not been able to research education in Chile. Our adopted son, Ferley, could not be admitted to any of the Ecuadorian schools at the grade level where he is at. He started school at 9 yrs old and is at about 3rd/4th grade level. Due to his age, 13, they would not allow him in less than 6th grade. Pray that we quickly find a solution in the city of Antofagasta that fits the unique needs Ferley has in his education. I trust the Lord is taking us to Chile not just to fulfill his great commission, but also providing what is best for our family that is still melding together. Thank you for praying with us.